Here's what I'm up to now.

I'm the community lead for Press SPACE to Jump, a worker-led games journalism site. Be sure to support them! We're scrappy and worker-owned, so a full time gig is still potentially in the cards. Contact me for work below!

"What's your pitch, Taylor?"

"Yep, okay, let's work together!"

"Har har, I need more specifics."

"I think you should be more professional about this."

Fine, that's totally fair.

I've designed lots of graphics, logos, overlays, and other assets for Fanbyte. My general approach is best described as "friendly and chaotic," and uh, I think that comes through. Judge for yourself!

2021 infographic for the Fanbyte podcast network, styled like a conspiracy theory corkboard.
2021 infographic for the Fanbyte podcast network.
A piece of parchment on a dimly lit desk reads: Work in progress!!!
Bowser came towards him in an agitated manner, and thus began:—
“In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”
Luigi’s astonishment was beyond expression.
Fanbot tries their hand at fanfiction.
The fictional desktop of the Fanbyte mascot, Fancy. It has a background image of majestic horses.
Our new mascot's desktop. See someone familiar?

"Strange, but oddly compelling."

"Let's see more work first, big shot."

"A picture is pretty different from a website, Taylor."

Hmm. Is it though? They're just different formats for preserving data. An image stores data via film or pixels, and a website stores files and a data structure- Oh. You meant rhetorically.

Some of my best web work is unobtrusive to the point of being invisible; I've collected a lot of easy-to-remember redirects for individual clients, fundraisers, and gaming websites. I think that if I have to type extra punctuation or more than two slashes max, the URL is too long. Modern CMS structure makes it hard for a beginner to use the same logic- files and folders have to be organized somehow- but over time I've gotten better at knowing how to pare down. Here are the best redirects I've set up:

"What's so great about those redirects?"

Each of them takes a long URL that's either hard to remember, a pain in the ass to type, or both, and condenses it into something snappy and memorable.

"That does sound useful..."

"I'm still not convinced."

"Still, those aren't websites you've made."

Has anyone said you're difficult to work with? Don't answer that.

Here's a traditional CMS-based website I made.

Here's an even lighter website I made.

The website you're currently on also counts.

I've hosted and produced livestreams of my own, too.

Working closely with the Fanbyte community and staff, we coordinated three (so far!) livestreams benefiting Campaign for Southern Equality, raising an overall total of $5,458.67 to aid LGBTQ southerners. I'm a little biased, but these streams are solid proof that my work only gets better with time.

Watch Daily Dice 50

Watch Daily Dice 100

Watch Daily Dice 101

"Okay, you got me!"

"I could do all this myself."

"That's nice, Taylor, but what's stopping me from just doing this stuff myself?"

Nothing. I'm not like SquareSpace or whatever; I don't want to landlord you into paying me every month until the end of time. But you can read this URL, I need money to live. I keep things light, which means small file sizes, minimal bloat, and as much future-proofing I can muster. If you like it, great! Whatever I made is yours now. If you have follow-up questions, great! I'll answer them. So yeah, are you really sure you want to manage the entirety of your streaming and web presence? I'll give you a second to think on it.

"You make a good point."

"Thanks, but no thanks."

You've seen enough, so let's get to work!

I don't do flat-rate pricing. Your project isn't cookie-cutter, and my style isn't either. So let's talk about it! Shoot me an email to get things started. (Want me to know for certain you're not a robot? Include the phrase "bongo dingus" somewhere in the subject line.)

You're still reading this, which means you either scrolled down to the bottom without clicking anything, or you're just not buying my sales pitch.

I don't want to leave you completely empty-handed! That's a bummer for both of us. If the budget's tight or you've been taken by the DIY spirit, I totally get it. (If you're an LGBTQ student or streamer that's just starting out, shoot me an email! We can make it work.)

Here are a few free tools that might do what you need. Link to this site somewhere if you're feeling super generous.

Free and/or Affordable Tools for Determined DIY Creators

OwncastSelf-hosted livestream tool
PubliiDesktop static site generator
CraterInvoice and expense tracker
BracketsLive-coding desktop app

Here are places to buy some nice California-based fonts, too:

California Type Designers I Like (font prices vary, but they're all good!)